The Finn

28 High End Sectional Title Units

Hotel and Conference Centre

15 Sectional Title Apartments

17 Upmarket Sectional title units


The Hudson is the latest address within the Sandown Sentral portfolio of exclusive residential offerings. Joining the sold-out 4 On Gayre, as well as 12 On Westbrooke and 13 On Gayre, The Hudson brings secure and spacious family living to within 1500m of the city.

With private gardens and ample space to relax and entertain, state-of-the-art security, and luxurious contemporary finishes, The Hudson’s 12 exclusive 3 & 4 Bed homes ensure that balancing work and life in the city is never a compromise. Alongside the comprehensive neighbourhood protection, response, and monitoring included within the Sandown Sentral Area, each home at The Hudson is individually equipped with the latest security and lifestyle.